Please ensure you are not attending the salon with any current COVID - 19 symptoms. 
Patch testing policies 
Hd Brows & Henna Brows - you are required to carry out a patch test 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  
Your patch testing has to be applied at Peppermint beauty salon. 
Patch testing is to be repeated every 6 months but earlier if you have had a change to your medical history or new medication.  
Do NOT apply fake tan prior to your Hd Brow treatment.  
Throw away your tweezers, try and leave your brows to grow 3 - 4 weeks to achieve the best results. 
Elleebana - you are required to apply a test 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Your patch testing has to be applied at Peppermint beauty salon, please ensure you leave your patch tests on so your beauty therapist can check the results. If you have an allergies to Elastoplast please let us know.  
If any reaction occurs during patch testing stage let us know so we can advise you and also cancel your appointment. 
We do all the preparation for you apart from the care of your contact lenses. Ensure that you have the correct materials with you to maintain your contact lenses throughout your treatment so that they can be successfully re -used once your treatment has been performed. 
Prior to Eyelash Extensions - If you require to have your eyelashes tinted this must be carried out 24 hours prior to your eyelash extension appointment.  
It takes 2 minutes to perform a patch test and your safety is paramount.  
No patch test - no treatment even though you may of had the same treatment at another salon. 


Eyebrows Redesign 
For 1st time brows shapers! 
Brow Mapping included to ensure brows are 'On Point'  
Finished with a natural shape. 
30 minutes 
There will be an addiotinal charge to any eye package that requires an Eyebrow Redesign 
EyeBrows Maintenance 
Within 6-8 weeks of Eyebrows Redesign 
20 minutes 
Please let your therapist know which option you prefer.  
Your current skin type/condition may alter the method of hair removal. 
Tweezing - Wax - Threading 
Eyebrows Tinted  
10 minutes 
Eyelashes Tinted  
20 minutes 
Elleebana Lash Lift  
60 minutes 
HD Brows  
High Definition  
55 minutes 


Eyebrows Tinted & Shaped  
30 minutes 
Eyebrows Shaped & Eyelashes Tinted 
40 minutes 
Eyebrows Shaped, Tinted & Eye Lash Tint  
45 minutes 
Eyebrows Shaped & Elleebana Lash Lift  
80 minutes 
Eyebrows Shaped, Tinted & Elleebana Lash Lift 
85 minutes 
Ellebanna Lash Lift & HD Brows  
105 minutes 


These are our semi permanent Eye Lash Extensions. 
Classic option is a natural application of lashes 
Full Set 
90 minutes 
Half Set 
60 minutes 


These are our semi permanent Eye Lash Extensions.  
Classic option is a natural application of lashes 
Full Set 
90 minutes 
Half Set 
60 minutes 
We recommend to apply lashes for a special occasion and then have them professionally gently removed or to maintain your look attend for infills every 2/3 weeks. 
Enhance your LashPerfect treatment by darkening your natural eyelash - half price eyelash tint 1 -2 days prior to your lashes application appointment. 
Patch test required for eyelash tint 
LashPerfect Tint  
25 minutes 
Lash Perfect Removal Treatment 
25 minutes 
Easy does it, gentle removal to ensure your natural lashes are in perfect condition. 


For 24 - 48 hours after your lash treatment: 
Lash Perfect 
Avoid using cotton wool as the fibres attach to the lashes. Return regularly to have your eye lashes checked and for application of your infills. 3 weeks. 
Avoid getting eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours after application 
Do not pull lashes off, have them removed professionally, this avoids ruining your own natural lashes. 
Eyelash extensions should not be permed or tinted. 
If your own natural lashes require a tint prior to treatment, this should be carried out at least 4 - 7 days before extensions are applied. 
Eyelash curlers should not be used. 
Avoid rubbing or picking eyelashes. 
Use an eyelash brush/comb to groom your eyelashes. Make sure any products being used are oil free, as the oil loosens the glue. 
If using a Mascara ensure it doesn't contain oil. 
Keep dry and out from humid environments, sounds silly - but wear goggles in the shower to keep away from water. 
Avoid oil based products. 
Have your eyelashes tinted 3-4 weeks after your treatment. 
Hd Brows 
The same aftercare as threading/waxing. 
Do not use a fake tan or tinted moisturiser over area. 
Lash Tinting 
Avoid any water contact with your eyes – Swimming Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Shower etc. 
Avoid excessive exercise. 
Avoid further beauty treatments on the area. 
Treatment intervals 
LashPerfect - We recommend that you have these applied for a special occasion. Infills: 3-4 weeks after initial application. 
Elleebana - An eyelash tint 3-4 weeks only. The entire treatment after 10 - 12 weeks. 
Hd Brows - Every 4 - 6 weeks. 
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