Please ensure you are not attending the salon with any current COVID - 19 symptoms.  
A patch test can be carried out on request if you have experienced past allergic reactions to products.  
This is to be performed 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.  
If you are receiving a massage without a Pre Treat, we ask that our clients arrive to the salon fresh as a daisy.  
Clients booked in for a Pre Treat prior to the massage treatment will receive either hot towel procedure or shower facility.  
Comfortable clothing recommended.  
Do not eat a large meal or consume alcohol prior to appointment. 



Lower Leg & Foot Massage 
10 minutes 
A deeply relaxing and tension relieving massage for the scalp and shoulders using the Pink Hair & Scalp mud to nourish and condition. 
The scalp massage can be performed as a stand alone treatment can be included into to any treatment. 
20 minutes 


Quieten your mind, release tension and nourish your skin with this holistic, ultimately restorative experience. Personalised to your physical and emotional needs, carefully chosen aromatherapy blends relax, cleanse or energise, while advanced massage alleviates muscular pressure, soothes anxiety and invokes profound relaxation. Mind and body feel balanced, energy renewed and inner calm beautifully restored. 
With Hot Stones  
Discover lasting relaxation for mind and body with this aroma therapeutic treatment. Tailored massage with hot stones unravels persistent muscular tightness and discomfort while pure, aromatic essential oils encompass the mind to relieve stress, recharge spirits and leave you feeling rejuvenated. 
Full Body with Hot Stones  
90 minutes 
(ladies only) 
Full Body without Hot Stones 
90 minutes 
(ladies only) 
Inner Calm Back with Hot Stones 
45 minutes 
Inner Calm Back without Hot Stones 
45 minutes 
Rediscover a sense of awakening with this comforting treatment to release emotional anxieties whilst relaxing the mind. 
A 55-minute tranquil ESPA treatment that includes breathing exercises, wheaty eye and shoulder pads to instantly soothe, exfoliation of the back, inner calm back, neck and shoulder massage, realignment of the feet, exfoliation and massage to lower leg and foot, finishing with more breathing exercises and a scalp touch.  
Treatment time: 65 minutes 


This treatment can only be carried out if you are over 13 weeks but within 38 weeks of your precious pregnancy. 
A treat using no aromatherapy oils, nourishing ESPA products to relieve comfort, repair and hydrate. 
Starting with a back massage to target all those sore over worked areas, followed but a potters wheel nourish massage on your beautiful baby bump, a ESPA express face treatment and lower leg and foot experience to refresh. 
55 minutes 


Ensure that for the rest of the day you relax and drink water.  
Working from home?  
Try to take a break from your computer.  
Wear comfortable lounging clothes.  
Lights out - including blue lights - stress from computers and phones can diminish sleep quality. 
Natures most powerful beauty treatment is sleep. 
Stand tall - stretch throughout the day. 
Treatment Intervals: Please ask your Beauty Therapist for professional advice. 
Avoid these points for the remainder of the day: 
Hot Shower/Bath 
Sun Bed 
Fake Tan Products 
Further Body Massage Treatments 
Further Heat Treatments 
Excessive Exercise 
Swimming Pool 
Blue Light 
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