Please ensure you are not attending the salon with any current COVID - 19 symptoms. 
To ensure you tan develops correctly we would like you to arrive at the salon with loose, dark clothing on or pajamas if evening appointment. Best not to put your under garments back on. Shoes are to be without tight straps. Flip flops are ideal for ladies and sandals ideal for gentlemen. No jewellery, no products on your skin, no make - up and no deodorant on. 
If you have booked in for an Express Tan treatment ensure that you have given yourself a full body exfoliation on the day of your appointment and hair removal has been done 24 hours prior to your appointment. 
Patch test can to preformed for on request. 


Our self tanning product is BONDI SANDS - GOLD formula with a 2 hour express colour development.  
The beauty of the GOLD product is that one colour suits all skin tones, your skin will only tan to its own tone/pigmentation. Coconut scent and argan oil infused. 
More than the best Self Tanning, Suncare, Skincare and Body products, Bondi Sands is about sand, sea and sun and the lifestyle that comes with it. 
Inspired by Australia’s most iconic beach, and a desire to make the ultimate tan accessible to everyone, our salon quality formulas work to give you an even, naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes your skin meaning you stay bronzed for longer. Owned and made in Australia. 
UV Rays from the sun will increase the ageing process on the skin and it has become a more popular option for both men and women to use self tanning products, especially with the ever increasing numbers of skin cancer patients in the UK and worldwide.  
SPF - everyday you should be protecting your facial skin with a SPF 50 mixed in with your daily moisturiser. This will protect your skin from the weather and all environmental factors. 
Peppermint highly recommends you use a HIGH SPF to protect your skin. A SPF can be applied after your guide colour has been washed off. 
A self tanning treatment DOES NOT contain SPF. 




To receive this treatment you MUST prepare your own skin - please exfoliate your face and body prior to your visit and then we will apply your tan using the spray machine. 
This revolutionary formula creates a golden tan in only 2 hours. 
It’s little wonder it is the tan that’s talked about aronund the world. 
35 minutes 


A wonderful treatment with the use of spray technology. A perfect treatment to have during your lunch break or after work. Preparation of the skin on the body and face with our delightful body polish.  
Application of hydration product followed by a professionally applied spray tan by your Beauty Therapist.  
The perfect pre holiday treatment, night out or a wee date! 
60 minutes 


To receive this treatment you MUST prepare your own skin - please exfoliate your legs and feet prior to your visit and then tan will be applied using the spray machine.  
30 minutes 


For 8 -10 hours after tanning treatment: 
Avoid any contact with water – Swimming Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Showers, Baths - don’t do the dishes after your dinner!!! 
Do not participate in any excessive exercise. 
Do not use a sun bed. 
Wear loose clothing to bed that evening. 
Do not apply any facial or body creams/products. 
We highly recommend that you do not do much for the rest of the same day after receiving your tan.  
Your tan will develop into a colour depending on your own skins pigmentation.  
The next morning when you shower you will notice that a residue will wash off don’t panic. It's only the excess tan. 
That is then the first day of your tan to its full potential.  
Pat yourself dry and apply a light application of body moisturiser. 
If going on holiday remember to use your SPF to protect your skin.  
A swimming pool or Jacuzzi will strip your self tan colour. 
Treatment intervals - Can be applied as often as you require. 
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